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We value patient feedback and use it to make our practice even better.

Dr. Shelton has a great approach to help patients. First begins by teaching patients to understand their body. In just a few sessions you and Dr. Shelton will cooperatively establish a treatment plan. There is no question Shelton Chiropractic's has changed my life for the better.

E. M.


I have seen a chiropractor for many years but have never gotten the results I am getting from Dr. Shelton!! Very happy with my treatments and the progress we are making.

V. O.


Friendly environment, extremely helpful adjustment and suggested exercises to help alleviate pain!

J. H.


Dr. Thomas helped my 7 year old son Noah when his neck was in so much pain. I was nervous about it because I had never taken him to a chiropractor before, but I would recommend him to everyone. After we were done not only was my son not in pain, but he wanted to be a chiropractor. Thomas is excellent with kids and is an awesome chiropractor!

G. M.


Dr. Shelton is outstanding! He always has clear explanations for his adjustments and is so knowledgeable about the human body. He will suggest exercises to keep you feeling great. The adjustments are wonderful. I just had my second one at 38 weeks pregnant and it felt amazing. I feel very confident in Dr. Shelton.

C. I.


Dr. Thomas Shelton is a wonderfully talented chiropractor and I am thrilled that my family is in his care. I appreciate how he explains my injuries/soreness in terms that I can understand and always provides me options for follow up exercises that take my healing to the next level.In addition to my own care, I am very pleased with the excellent care that has been provided to my 6 year old little boy. Thanks to Dr. Shelton's careful and respectful care, he is happy to hop up on the table and have his adjustment. I truly credit his excellent health to his diet and supportive, non-invasive care from fantastic care givers like Dr. Shelton.Truly an asset to our community, I cannot say enough good things. We love Shelton Family Chiropractic.



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Schedule a consultation in our holistic care center.  Specializing in neuro-musculoskeletal conditions of the Neck, Back, lower extremities and upper extremities.


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